9/14 performance cancelled!

The John and Wendy Mackin Band will not be performing today at the Mt Lebanon Farmers Market due to illness.  Sorry!  Please join us there on October 12th.

Hello world!


Welcome to the site for The Mackins bluegrass music!

Welcome to the new blog dedicated to the Mackins! This piece of art was lovingly created for us by our favorite child, Erin. It may take us awhile to learn the ins and outs of all this nonsense, but we can at least tell you who we are.

First there’s John. John has been playing guitar for longer than this biographer has been alive. He has a Martin fetish and has repeatedly demonstrated that in case of fire, save the guitars first, his truck next, and then go back for the kids if there’s time.
Through that love connection known as bluegrass, John met the real leader of the band, Wendy. Wendy is the band diva. She plays every instrument you can think of, plus one or two more. She also demands a full backstage spread of cheese and crackers, water bottles, and a nice red wine. She’s worth it.
Over the years, the Mackins have played with lots of well-known bluegrassers like Mac Martin (John’s uncle), Mark Yacovone, Ron and Debbie Mesing, and two out of three of their kids, Erin and Jack.
Be sure to check back here all the time and we can tell you more about us and where you can catch our groovy act.