M&M Express

The M&M Express has been playing since 1983.  The band consists of guitar, banjo, dobro, and bass.  John Mackin is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, and writes some of the band’s original material.  Wendy Mackin plays banjo and finger-style guitar and sings harmony vocals.  Ron Mesing, the band’s dobro player, is know internationally as a master instrumentalist.  The M&M Express specializes in traditional bluegrass and old-time country music.  It is well known regionally and has performed many times on the Wheeling WV Jamboree and on WQED television.  The band can be seen at festivals and concerts in the tri-state area. We have recently released a cd version of our hit LP (an antique version of a cd, played on a turntable for those of you who are too young to know), Reno Bound.

The Mackin Band

is an ever-changing configuration of Mackins and friends.  John and Wendy are regulars, as well as son Jack Mackin, who plays fiddle and guitar and can sing any part required!  The band is currently missing its favorite bass player and blogger extraordinaire, Erin, who, possibly influenced by the success of the Lilly Brothers and Don Stover at the Hillbilly Ranch, has recently up and moved to Boston.  The band has recorded a cd, Moonlight Night, of very obscure but lovely bluegrass, country, and original tunes.